Ricardo Bastida

Architect, Bilbao (1879-1953)

The AlhóndigaBilbao building still boasts the modernist style o fits original design, the work of Ricardo Bastida in 1905, which Philippe Starck would update a century later. The architect from Bilbao designed, as one of his first projects, a modern and functional space to house the booming wine business in the city. This would be followed by other fine buildings that have made Ricardo Bastida one of the city’s architectural stalwarts. The Castaños y San Mamés washhouse (1905), the Cuna House (1914), the Indautxu Schools (1915), the building on la Ribera (1917), and Iturribide (1918), the Urizar Tower Municipal Housing (1919-1922), the Sukarrieta Residence (1925) or the central Institute (1927) are some such examples.

AlhóndigaBilbao is, from among them, where he particularly left his mark and where the Bastida family believes his legacy should be conserved, as they have donated the office from the fmily home where this renowned resident of Bilbao envisioned a new Bilbao. The office from the early 20th century (designed by his friend Isidoro Guinea) boast his technical drawing instruments, his glasses, the period desk and furniture… and where the eminent architect designed dozens of buildings and visionary proposals such the Bilbao Expansion plan to the Abra, a foretaste of what would be the current metropolitan development.


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